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Friday, April 2, 2010

Never gardened? Get started.

If you've always wanted to garden, and get back to more self-sufficient roots, it's as easy as just a few plants in limited space.

Green beans.
They grow fast. can be replanted through out the season and have high yields. They fix the ground with nitrogen which helps other plants like corn grow.
They are good companions for celery, cucumbers and corn. They are great for kid to grow too.
IF you don't want to worry about a trellis, then make sure you get a bush variety. You may need to chicken wire or fence of your patch too because bunnies looooooove them green beans.

Plant with Basil as a companion. Plant an indeterminate variety which keeps giving. Determinates ripen their crop all at once.
I love the green zebra heirloom variety. They have a fabulous flavor and those damn squirrels can't tell when they are ripe.
Plant them in a pot with organic garden soil (if you don't have space.) They like it hot, ho , hot last winter was terrible. I think I got eight from 3 plants!!


put them in, give them some water, watch them grow. Get the bush variety if you don't want to trellis them. Don't get the lemon heirloom variety. They are spiny and super seedy.

Picking your seeds

I try to get NON-GMO varieties. I don't want to eat frankenfood. I don't want my kids eating it.

If you want an eye-opening experience about GMO food, watch the Future of Food.

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  1. sound exactly like me!!!!! I'm so anti GMO food and people think I'm crazy for it! Or a conspiracy theorists! Nope we are not!


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