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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Summer reading

I am an avid reader and am trying to take full advantage of the kids splashing in our kiddy pool. There are a few books I've finished that are definitely worth browsing if you have the time.
I really enjoyed,
Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life by Barabra Kingslover chronicles the dilemma of eating totally local with a teenager.

This Organic Life: confessions of  a suburban hometeader by Joan Dye Gussow. I love Joan, she was recently in my last issue Organic Living and discussed how we accept toxic things in our food because we don't know any better.. she's brilliant, that leads to this segue...

If you really want to read an interesting book on where all of our popular food additives come from you can pick up Twinkie:Deconstructed.

I have to be honest though, as interesting as this book is; it made me want to throw up just  a little bit when I realized some of the thing's I had been eating. We are 85% organic at my house, but there are things I let slip by. I don't know if I can ever touch a Dorito again after reading that book. I cry over that. Also, my brother had brought us some boxes of Pastaroni. After I made it for the kids thinking what the heck?... then I read the box...half of the ingredients in it were chemical based. It really affirms whole food eating on an entirely new level. I've now branched out to making my own jarred brownie mixes and cookie mixes. If I have to give up my favorite snack food (sniff,sniff I guess Oreo's are out now too.),  I sure as hell am not giving up the sweets, so I might as well find a new way to make my fat quota with out all of the extra crap.

What ever happened to food being food, not full of chemicals? When did it become okay to wash trees with hydrochloric acid to give us cellulose gum or make imitation butter flavor out of nothing that is really edible, just chemicals and petroleum? No wonder people are so sick or overweight and have all kinds of weird allergies or even strange new syndromes. We as a population are putting things in our bodies that were never meant to be there.


  1. I love your little garden shed Jen - painted in my favourite green :-)& your sweet chippy bistro set! I haven't read the books you've mentioned but jotted down both titles as they are topics I am interested in too! My daughter eats probably an 85% raw diet and for the past 2 weeks so have I :-)The heat wave we've been experiencing has made it easier. Always enjoy reading both your blogs Jen ♥

  2. Animal Vegetable Miracle was such a great book. It really helped me to consider more where my food comes from and also (as a vegetarian) to take on a different view of eating animals.
    The other books sound great, I will have to pick them up. Thanks for the suggestions!
    How do people live eating chemicals and petroleum? It's no wonder we are so sick.

    And to Deb, above, I eat 85% raw too and it really took my health to a new level. Good luck with your experiment with raw.

  3. J-
    I found this recipe last year It's time consuming but so worth it. My husband is the oreo-lover but even he said the cookies were close to the original.


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