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Sunday, August 8, 2010

The choice of GM food...Can it be taken away?

Genetically modified food.
We may soon not have  a choice.

I just read a report that GM canola has escaped fields in Canada and is found growing wild along the side of the road and in PARKING LOTS.
It makes me sick.

If they can't control their plants in farmlands surrounded by nothing else, who is to say when there are fields upon fields that eventually all canola and other crops will be GM and there will be NO WAY to actually grow non-GM, organic foods? Our choice is being taken away.
And people think it's okay.
Why does the government not do something about this? Why is it going to be okay for one company to own all of the food in the world someday? That certainly worked out well for the oil industry didn't it? They certainly are taking every precaution for safety, right?

Where is our right as a consumer and when will they realize; you cannot control a living thing.

MY other questions are: What happens when the plant dies? Do the GM genes remain in the soil? Can you ever get rid of GM genes and start over? What about cousin pants like broccoli? Can they cross like pumpkins and watermelons?

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  1. agreed. a very passionate and profound rant. It is strange that so many people do not see this happening. It is a troubled path we are on. In my heart I hope and believe that people will come around soon and that we can fix this. Our Food, Water and Air are so precious.
    Love your blog!


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